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Target Notification Tab

Within the CFLink Protocol, certain devices have the ability to send out unsolicited notifications based on events relating to their physical ports.
These notifications by default are broadcast to all devices on the CFLink bus via the CFLink target ID of FF (See Broadcast ID for more information)

But in some cases you might want to target these notifications to only be sent to specific devices on the CFLink network, rather than broadcast to all devices. Reasons include increasing bus efficiency (less traffic on the bus), rule triggering, ensuring notification receipt (Broadcast messages cannot be guaranteed receipt by everyone on larger/busy networks).

All devices that send notifications can be configured to send to up to 5 unique CFLink IDs directly (including Broadcast ID), via the TGT command.

This tab allows you to configure these Target Notifications for the IR Blaster.


Details on how to configure target notifications to come. For help in the meantime, contact us via our Support Page.

IR Blaster Target Notification Types

IRB - Used for IR receiving notification (via on-board receiver and external receiver port).

To learn more about other target notification types see this page.

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