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The IRE-Slim emitter is an infrared probe designed by custom integrators, for custom integrators. Featuring the thinnest emitting head, mini 3.5mm mono jack, smoothly designed wire gauge step down join and useful accessories.

Easy to Extend and Install

The wire gauge (thickness of wire) and figure 8 insulation allows it to be easily extended for longer cable runs. Every aspect of the cable has been designed and moulded to be as thin as possible without compromising on strength. The wire join is designed to be snag-free and the wire leading up to the emitter is ultra-thin to be as hidden as possible.


To see images of the IRE-Slim see this page.

Technical Specifications

Connector Mini 3.5mm mono jack (easily removed for devices requiring bare wire connections, such as our MOD-IR8 module)
In The Box IR Emitter, x 1 3M® sticker pads, x 1 pre-applied, x 2 extra IR Shield, x 1 with 3M® adhesive pre-applied
Emitter Head 12.9mm x 8mm x 2.4mm
Cable Length 2m
Wire Gauges AWG22 (1m, 3.5mm jack end), AWG28 (1m, emitter end)
3M® Adhesive Pads 12.9mm x 8mm x 0.5mm
IR Sheild (with 3M® adhesive) 35mm x 20mm x 1mm (flat area), 3.6mm max thickness
Warranty 5 year limited warranty
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