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(EXPIRED) iViewer - Make A Video Promotion

The Winners have been announced! Scroll down for more info.

We are looking for the best and most exciting uses of iViewer that our customers have implemented.

Enter a video (3 minutes max) showing an exciting use of CommandFusion iViewer. Think outside the box - we are especially interested in seeing where iViewer has been utilised outside of the usual applications, but traditional control system uses are also eligible.

Prize Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of the iViewer Make a Video Competition.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted entries, we know that it takes some time to shoot a video and put it all together.

It is important to note that editing skills were not the main criteria for judging the entries. The main criteria were:

  • Intuitive and smart GUI design
  • How unique the use of iViewer was

Major Prize 1 x Mini Starter Pack

First price goes to Johan Jeppson and the team that developed the video showcasing the Eve Media Portal iPad GUI.

Johan is based in Sweden.

View the winning video at:

Description of How iViewer was used

EVE stands for “Enhanced Visual homecontrol & Entertainment”

iViewer is used for the iPad MediaPortal GUI. The data that is displayed in the gui is retrieved from MPExtended. Remote control and now playing information is retrieved with WifiRemote.Both these apis has been extended for Eve.

Read more about the project in the MediaPortal Forum:

Several utility features are included in the project.

  • E.g. a generic alphabet slider that display either a alphabet during use or a regular slider. Image only displays when touched and hides a few seconds after.
  • Several utility functions for formating dates

Custom animations are made in an animation class.

  • The possibility to transition an array of objects in and another array of objects out, e.g. a slide left to right animation. This is used for swapping the Latest Media on home screen when swiping. Latest media is also changed with a transition animation every fifth second.
  • Displace an array of objects with a certain number of pixels. Used for sliding panels to display e.g. the remote control.

Search functionality is activity sensitive, e.g. the Movies result are displayed on top when in Movies activity. Results are displayed interactively after each keystroke.

More info on the EVE project

It uses:

Read more about the project in the MediaPortal Forum:

JoostZilla - Design JohanJ - Development PServais - Development

Runner Up

The runner up prize goes to Chen Chao from Chongqing, China, representing 8tech.

Chen put together a video showing iViewer controlling a number of different systems on special response vehicles. These vehicles were made for fire departments, police, army, communication companies and many others.

See the video here:
Please note that due to China’s internet filtering, he was unable to upload the video to youtube.
We have uploaded it to Youtube on our channel.

Description of how iViewer was used

iViewer 4 + GC100

Controlled Devices:

  • Video Conference system (Satellite Modem, TV, Camera, VGA/AV Matrix, etc.)
  • Lift system (Satellite Antenna, Mobile Base station, Camera, Lighting, Display)
  • Side Box Pull system

8tech (Guo Lin)


Winner: 1 x Mini Starter Pack valued at $985.00 AUD
Runner-Up: 2 x iViewer Licenses


Judging will be by CommandFusion staff.


This competition is now closed to entries.

Competition Closing Date

The competition is now closed for entries

Winners will be announced in December.

Winners and select entries will be posted on our social media sites:

How To Enter

  1. Create a video - 3 minutes max showing off your unique iViewer use
  2. Upload the video to Youtube - HD uploads preferred.
  3. Fill out this entry form:
  4. Watch for your video on this page and on our social media pages

Important Information

  • Video length limit: 3 minutes max
  • Video must be uploaded to Youtube to be considered - HD uploads preferred.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that any use of video, imagery or music meets copyright and fair-use laws. Any entries that do not meet this standard will not be considered eligible.
  • We hold final judgment on whether submissions will be acceptable and appropriate for this contest.
  • By submitting a video to the contest, you grant CommandFusion a royalty-free, irrevocable right to reproduce, publish distribute, perform, display, create derivative works of the submission, or otherwise use the work for commercial purposes, and authorize others to do so.
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