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iViewer for Mobile Devices

iViewer is an application for Apple iOS and Android devices, for control and automation systems.
It allows you to use an iOS or Android device to render GUI Files and interact with External Systems and Control Systems.

Why should you choose to use iViewer? See this page for a list of important features and frequently asked questions.

Current Status

For a detailed history of release notes for iViewer, go to the iViewer Release Notes page.

For details on different iViewer versions see here.


iViewer is available for iOS and Android devices from the relevant app stores.
Please see the download links available on our website for the most current versions.


iViewer is free to download and try on your system. The free version is limited to one portrait and one landscape page. Subpages are also disabled.
To enable page flips and subpages, there are two options:

User Guide

The iViewer User Guide gives you all the information you need to begin using iViewer.

Also see the guiDesigner/iViewer quick start guide.


For a rundown of all the available settings and what they do, see the iViewer Settings page.

Application Diagrams

Go to our application diagrams page to see typical uses for iViewer.

More Information

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