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LaunchPad is the online cloud service for deployment and monitoring of guiDesigner projects to mobile devices running the CF LaunchPad app.

Whilst guiDesigner projects can be deployed to iViewer app in a variety of ways, LaunchPad makes the process simpler by handling deployment to devices remotely, as well as handling all licensing requirements for your projects.

If you are unfamiliar with guiDesigner and iViewer, the guiDesigner Quick Start Guide is a great place to begin.

Mobile App

Alongside the LaunchPad website, we have released the CF LaunchPad app for both iOS and Android. This app is built on the same technology as iViewer, but dedicated to work alongside the cloud system to simplify loading and licensing of your projects.

Create New Account?

If you were an existing CommandFusion user, there is no need to create a new account, simply login using the same details as your online store account.
You can then migrate existing devices and license credits to the new LaunchPad system. See the migration guide for more info.

If you didn't already have a CommandFusion account, go ahead and create a new account with LaunchPad.

Visit LaunchPad -

Provide Feedback

If you have a problem or suggestion or even just some feedback about the documentation, please do let us know!
Use our GitHub issue tracker to voice your opinion.

Getting Help

Built into the LaunchPad website is an online chat/offline support ticket system, shown down the bottom left of the interface after logging in.
If we are online, you can shoot us a question from any page and we will help you out.
If we are offline, you can send us a message and we will reply ASAP.

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