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Messaging Users - Push Notifications

When a user is allocated to a project, they can be messaged via push notifications direct to the app.

You can choose one or more users to send the message to, along with a title (max 128 chars) and message body (max 4000 chars).

This is great for communicating with the users of your project for many reasons, including letting them know of any problems or work on the project, sending them reminders about system functionality, or even simply asking them for any feedback on how the system is working for them.

You could send a message to notify of an update to the project files, allowing them to automatically upgrade to the latest files for their project.

What does the user see?

If the app is not open in the foreground, the user will see a traditional notification on the device withe the CF LaunchPad app icon and the title of the notification.
Clicking on this notification will launch the app and present a notification page with the full notification details and a button to return to their previous page in the project.

If the app is already open in the foreground, the user will be automatically page flipped to the notification page.

Currently the notification page cannot be customised. But in future we plan to allow you to create your own designed notification page in your projects to keep the look and feel of your project unified.

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