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iViewer Official Demonstration GUI

Our official iViewer demonstration GUI is now ready for beta testing.

This GUI has been created using our free program guiDesigner. To learn about guiDesigner, we suggest reading/viewing the quick start guide available here.

The purpose of this GUI is to demonstrate iViewer functionality to potential customers as well as testing for personal use. It is very simple to load this onto your device to see what iViewer and guiDesigner are capable of.


This GUI is designed for use on an iPad and does not require a license.

This GUI will run on most android devices as well, but please keep in mind it is optimized for iPad.

Basic Info

Please Note: This GUI is pretty self-explanatory, but there will be documentation on both the GUI use and the scripting coming in the near future.

Please do provide your feedback, along with any comments etc. We are open to all ideas such as new categories, additional functions etc.

Feel free to pass this on to other interested parties, but please keep in mind that we consider it still to be in a beta testing period.


The GUI can be downloaded via this URL:

Either enter this URL into the File URL field under iViewer settings, or download it directly to your computer for use in guiDesigner.


One of the features in this GUI is a passcode to lock un-authorised users out.

Please note that the passcode to access the GUI on your device is 1234


How to Use This Demo GUI

We recommend going through the guiDesigner and iViewer quick start guide to learn the basics of these applications.

But, there are two ways to load this GUI onto your device.

  1. You can download this GUI directly from the internet into guiDesigner. Simply enter the http address of the GUI into the File URL field in iViewer settings, then kill the iViewer app and relaunch it - it will download the file from our servers.

Note: Option 2 may not work on Android devices, this is a bug and will be fixed in the near future. Option 2 may also take an extended period of time depending on your connection speed, during this time your app may appear unresponsive, but it is indeed downloading the GUI and will start it when finished.

Bug Reports/Feedback

We encourage you to let us know what you think, as well as sending us bug reports and feature requests.

All bug reports, ideas and feedback to be emailed to support (at) commandfusion dot com

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