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Mega List IR Database

This page is under construction and not yet complete.

What is Mega List?

Mega List is a huge data base of IR codes put together by Glackowitz from the Remote Central Forums.

It was originally designed for RTI devices, but this database can be utilised by CommandFusion's IR learner software.

How To Use The Mega List Database with CommandFusion Hardware

Install CommandFusion's IR Learner Software

Install the IR Learner software.

See the IR Learner quick start guide for information on how to download, install and utilise the basic functions of the IR learner software.

Download the Mega List Database

Click here to go to the download page for the Mega List Database.

Save the file in an appropriate location.
There is also a link directly in the IR Learner software that links to the Mega List Database page.

Import the Mega List Database

Start the iViewer software, then select the Import From Database tab. Click Open Database (*.cml)…

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