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Theme Manager

The theme manager is the collection of themes in your current project. You can add themes into your project from the Theme Library.

Theme Manager ToolBar

1 - Create New Theme

Opens a create theme window, the options in the window will vary depending on what item in the theme manager you had selected.

2 - Copy Project Theme

Copies the theme of the item you have selected in the theme manager to the clipboard so it can be pasted somewhere else in the project or to a different project all together.

3 - Paste Project Theme

Pastes a copied theme from the clipboard to the theme selected.

4 - Delete Project Theme

Deletes the selected theme from the theme manager.

5 - Import Themes From Project

Import a theme from another .GUI file.

6 - Cleanup Project Themes

Deletes themes in the theme manager that are not assigned to GUI objects.

7 - Automatically Create Button Themes

Automatically imports button images into themes. To do this you must select a folder full of image files, names with each button ending in '_off' and _on'. E.g. somebutton_off.png, somebutton_on.png

8 - Theme Library

Shows or hides the Theme Library.

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