Hardware Products

Connect every day objects to an
integrated automation & control platform

With our hardware you can control your audio/video devices, lighting, security, climate, blinds/curtains, and automate it all!

Modular Controllers.
Meet all demands.

DIN-Rail and Rackmount modular controllers provide the ultimate in configuration flexibility. We have even the most demanding systems covered.

CFLink: Fast, Reliable, Stable.
A flexible data + power bus.

CFLink is a scalable communication network that connects all your automation hardware in any topology. No expensive network hardware required. Over-engineered to become the new standard in automation networking.
» Why choose CFLink?

Fully documented protocols.
Not hidden behind closed doors.

With protocol documentation available to anyone, CommandFusion hardware integrates with any existing control systems. Developer friendly, integrate our hardware into any environment. » View CFLink Protocol Docs

LAN Range : Wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking connectivity with cloud integration.



Flexible, expandable control system.

Wired/Wi-Fi, Stackable blocks.

LAN Bridge

Ethernet & RS232 CFLink Interface for Pro range

1 x Ethernet, 1 x RS232, CFLink, scheduling

Pro Range : Powered bulletproof bus, endlessly scalable - Why choose CFLink over Ethernet?


5 year warranty on CommandFusion Pro Range hardware. Learn More.

Pro Value Packs



Pro Hardware



Modular controller

4 x Module slots, 1 x RS232, 1 x Dry Contact Input, 2 x CFLink, Rack-mountable

CF Mini

All-in-one controller

8 x IR, 4 x IO, 4 x Relay, 1 x RS232, CFLink

LAN Bridge

Ethernet & RS232 Interface

1 x Ethernet, 1 x RS232, CFLink, scheduling



Modular controller

4 x Module slots, 1 x RS232, 1 x Dry Contact Input, 2 x CFLink, DIN-Rail Mountable

IR Blaster

Flood IR output & input

270° IR Blaster output, on-board IR input, additional IR output and input connectors


Button panel interface

16 x dry contact inputs, 16 x dimmable LED outputs, 4 x dimmable backlight outputs



Rack-mount kit for MOD4

2 x MOD4 in a single rack unit (1RU)

IR Learner

USB infrared learner

Mini-USB port, IR blaster output. Learn and test IR codes via your PC


Power Supply

Regulated switchmode 24V DC 1.9A power supply for CFLink devices



Slim IR emitter

Thinnest IR emitter on the market

Pro Modules : Slot into any Pro range modular controller



Relay module

2 x 250VAC 15A latching (polarized) relays


Relay module

4 x 250VAC 5A non-latching normally-open relays


Relay module

8 x 30VDC 1A latching (polarized) relays



Solid-state relay module

4 x 250VAC 2A non-latching normally-open solid-state relays


Infrared module

8 x IR outputs


Input/Output module

8 x configurable I/O - dry contact, voltage, resistance, LED output



Serial port module

2-4 x configurable RS232/422/485 bi-directional serial ports

Hardware Documentation & Downloads


See the hardware documentation on our wiki for detailed information on CommandFusion hardware.

Product Catalogues

CommandFusion Product Catalogue (for print)
Printable PDF of our product catalog with spec sheets and application diagrams.

CommandFusion Product Catalogue (for web)
Web-optimised PDF of our product catalog with spec sheets and application diagrams.