Control anything and everything,
from your mobile device.

iViewer for Mobile Devices is the gateway to your automation system. Packed with features for total customisation.

Two very different platforms.
One app.

iViewer has the same core features across both the iOS and Android platforms. This means you can use the same tools to create your control interfaces on Apple and Android devices.

Total UI Customisation.
Design without limits.

The entire user interface can be endlessly customised using our free guiDesigner software. The only limit is your imagination.
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Powerful Scripting Engine.
We JavaScript.

The ultimate in customisation deserves a powerful logic engine. iViewer has all bases loaded when it comes to flexibility.
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How does it work?

Why Choose iViewer?

iViewer is the most powerful mobile control and automation app available for iOS and Android.

See our blog post for reasons why!

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iViewer is available in FREE, LITE and PRO.

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What can iViewer do?

Using our free guiDesigner software, you can customise the entire user interface to pixel level precision via a simple drag-and-drop process.

Portrait & Landscape

Support for independant portrait and landscape orientations to show different controls when rotating the mobile device. The interface can also be easily locked to a single orientation if required.

Supported Objects

Build your interface with a variety of GUI Objects, such as buttons, gauges, sliders, dynamic or static images, video streams, embedded web pages, dynamic scrolling lists, text labels and input fields.

Transitions & Sounds

Easily apply transitions to your page flips or subpages such as fades, reveals, etc. All with customisable timing and easing. Support for audio file playback triggered via events.


Gesture engine to take full advantage of mobile device multi-touch capabilities. Including multiple finger touches, swipes, pinch/zoom and rotation gestures with customisable actions.

iViewer supports all Ethernet communications methods including TCP Client/Server, UDP Unicast/Multicast/Broadcast, HTTP/HTTPS.

Simultaneous Control

Simultaneously control unlimited Ethernet devices directly from your mobile device, no other hardware required. Expand your control to other transports such as IR (infrared), RS232 (serial) and relay (contact closure) by using control system hardware such as our own products, or any third party hardware.

Open Platform

iViewer works with any Ethernet-controllable hardware on the market. Directly control network addressable AV gear such as AV Receivers and TVs, or integrate with any control system hardware available today to provide a fully customisable control interface. iViewer can be used in a whole range of scenarios - not just automation systems. Remote control vehicles, digital signage, media player control - these are just some of the uses our customers have created.

Highly Configurable

Granular control over communication socket properties including heartbeats, startup events and queuing means that you can be sure iViewer is capable of integrating with your systems.

Macros & Actions

Easily create macros of multiple commands with customisable per-command delays, great for activity startup and shutdown events. Assign advanced actions at the button level, including cycling action groups, press and hold delays, separate press and release events, and more. Even the most unique actions are covered in iViewer.

Remote Debugging

iViewer includes a built-in remote debugger tool to show status of system connections, incoming data logs, GUI object states, etc. All done via a web browser (Chrome or Safari) connected to the mobile device running iViewer.

iViewer features a powerful feedback processing engine allowing you to capture data from any Ethernet device and process it for display.

Regular Expressions

Using the power of regular expressions, iViewer can easily capture data from any device no matter what data format it uses for communication. iViewer uses regex capture groups to grab the specific data you are interested in displaying.

Information Display

After capturing the data feedback from the external system, iViewer can format the data and display it in a number of ways including simple text labels, button states, gauge levels, and even building dynamic scrolling lists of data.

Loopback Communications

Using loopback communications, iViewer can take advantage of the feedback processing engine locally on the mobile device for user interactions. This is a great feature for creating enticing demo projects with local interaction events to simulate controlling live systems for client demonstrations.

No Programming Experience Required

Although iViewer offers a powerful JavaScript API, most functionality can be obtained without touching a line of code. guiDesigner provides easy to follow dialogs for creating logic driven interfaces without the code.

Use the power of JavaScript to add more advanced logic scripting to your project. The extensive JavaScript programming interface allows controlling each and every aspect of the user interface and network communications.

Scriptable Communications

Communications with external systems can be handled using advanced functions including automated service discovery and publishing via Bonjour (zeroconf).

Advanced Feedback Processing

Use the powerful string manipulation functions built into the JavaScript language to process even the most complex device protocols.

Modular Scripts

Re-use modular scripts for common device integration or commonly used data processing routines. Easily share these scripts with other iViewer users.

Sensor Data & Hardware Interaction

Gather data from built-in sensors such as GPS, accelerometer and gyro to perform scripted actions. Control screen brightness or perform actions from hardware events like battery charging status changes and volume button presses.


Use JavaScript to manipulate GUI objects and create advanced animations such as moving objects on the screen, adjusting object sizes and opacities, even 3D rotations on x/y/z axis.

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Downloads & Documentation

iViewer 4 for iOS
Version: v4.0.303, Platform: Apple iOS
Release Notes
iViewer 4 for Android
Version: v5.0.7, Platform: Android 2.3+
Play Store | Direct Download | Release Notes | Old Versions

iViewer Next for iOS
For testing upcoming features only. more info
Version: v4.0.303, Platform: Apple iOS
Release Notes
iViewer for Android BETA
For testing upcoming features only. See wiki for installation instructions
Version: v5.0.7, Platform: Android 4.0+

iViewer Lite for iOS
Version: v4.0.265, Platform: Apple iOS
Release Notes

iViewer User Guide
Teaches you how to load a project from our guiDesigner software onto your iOS device running iViewer.
guiDesigner & iViewer Getting Started Video Guide
Introduction video to the basics of CommandFusion's guiDesigner and iViewer software

iViewer Spec Sheet
Spec sheet outlining the features of iViewer

iViewer Control System Protocol (Developers Manual)
Documentation for using the Control System method of communication within iViewer

Crestron Integration Methods
Wiki page explaining the various Crestron integration methods with iViewer (just one of the many iViewer uses).
AMX Modules, .NET integration, EventGhost
Modules and demo programs for AMX integration with iViewer using our Control System protocol, as well as .NET DLL and EventGhost samples.