Design and develop your control interface.
The ultimate in UI and control flexibility.

guiDesigner provides a drag and drop environment to develop custom user interfaces for our iViewer apps.

Two very different platforms.
One design tool.

guiDesigner is a Windows® app used to develop interfaces for our iViewer app on both iOS and Android platforms. Learn one tool, deploy to multiple device platforms.

Total UI Customisation.
Design without limits.

Using guiDesigner, the entire user interface for our iViewer app can be endlessly customised. The only limit is your imagination.

Powerful Scripting Engine.
We JavaScript.

The ultimate in customisation deserves a powerful logic engine. Integrate custom JavaScript into your UI.
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Downloads & Documentation

CommandFusion guiDesigner Installer
Version: v2.7.10.918, Platform: Microsoft Windows®
Requirements: Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework
Release Notes | Previous Versions
CommandFusion guiDesigner BETA Installer
No public beta is currently available. Please download the latest stable version.

guiDesigner Getting Started Video Guide
Introduction video to the basics of CommandFusion's guiDesigner software. Text version also available on our wiki
guiDesigner Basic Introduction
Basic introduction to the guiDesigner software on the CommandFusion wiki

guiDesigner Plugin Development
Documentation for guiDesigner plugin development on the CommandFusion wiki