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Latest Technologies.
Ahead of the competition.

By ensuring we always keep up with the latest technologies it means we can stay ahead of the competition and provide truly extraordinary products.

Mobile computing power.
Leverage it today.

Todays mobile devices are more poweful than ever. Take advantage of this power to control your automation systems with popular mobile platforms.

Automation logic scripting.
We JavaScript.

CommandFusion products utilize the power of JavaScript. No longer just for the web, JavaScript is taking the world by storm.
» iViewer JavaScript API Docs

iViewer for Mobile devices

Automation software

For Apple iOS and Android platforms


Develop your interface

User interface development environment for iViewer projects


Cloud Project Deployment

Deploy, monitor and backup your guiDesigner/iViewer projects in the cloud.


System Commander

Hardware configuration

Windows® software for configuring CommandFusion hardware via the CFLink protocol

IR Learner

Software for learning IR

Learn and test IR, combined with our USB hardware learner.

OEM Program

CommandFusion offers a customised rebranding program for our iViewer application, allowing your company to present a uniform corporate identity to your clients.

iViewer OEM Custom Icon

The end result is your own branded application on the App Store, with the same powerful functionality as our CommandFusion iViewer application.

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CommandFusion Product Catalogue (for print)
Printable PDF of our product catalog with spec sheets and application diagrams.

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Web-optimised PDF of our product catalog with spec sheets and application diagrams.