8 × I/O ports in a single module.
Configurable for many uses.

The IO8 module features 8 × I/O ports, each configurable for a variety of input and output functions.

Configurable IO.
One port, many uses.

Configurable I/O ports can be used for a range of applications, including reading input values and setting output states.

Need more ports?
Just get another module.

The beauty of the modular controllers is their flexibility. Need more of a specific port? Get another module and plug it in.

Secure terminals.
Reliable connections.

The IO8 module uses spring terminal blocks for connections. This results in simple to insert, yet secure wiring in any installation.


The IO8 module features 8 user configurable I/O ports, and comes with spring terminals for quick and easy, yet secure connections to external inputs/sensors/outputs. Plug it into a modular controller to add I/O ports to your system.


The IO8 can be setup to send notifications based on a configurable minimum change level per port. Notifications can be sent as a broadcast to all CFLink devices, to specific CFLink IDs or both.

Dry Contact Input

When a port is configured as a dry contact input, it will give a reading on it's open/closed state. Used for button inputs, sensor triggers, etc.

LED Output

When a port is configured as an LED output, it can be set to on or off state, 5V DC 1mA max.

Resistance Reading

When a port is configured as a resistance reading input, it can measure input ranging from 0 Ohm to 10,000 Ohm, in 100 Ohm increments. Used for light sensors, temperature sensors, etc.

Voltage Reading

When a port is configured as a voltage reading input, it can measure input ranging from 0V DC to 10V DC, in 0.1 Volt increments. Used for battery level sensors, video signal sensors, etc.

Video Sensing Input

This input mode will detect the presence of a video signal, great for real feedback if a device such as a Bluray player is powered on.

External Relay Control Output

When a port is configured as an external relay control output, it can be set to on or off state. An external power source is required (0-24V DC).

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Technical SpecificationsSee hardware documentation for more details

Module Connector 24-pin connector to connect to modular controller unit
I/O 1-8 4 x detachable 4-pin 3.50mm terminal block consisting of 8 channels of input/output ports.
Wire range: 24-16AWG
Top Panel
Clip Secures and releases the module from the modular controller unit.
Label Model and serial number information.
Power Consumption Power usage 500mW maximum, powered by modular controller DIN-MOD4 or MOD4 (not included)
Enclosure Polycarbonate with dark grey matte finish
Height 32.8mm (1.29in)
Width 40mm (1.57in)
Depth 68mm (2.68in)
Weight 0.05kg (0.11lbs), Shipping 0.2kg (0.44lbs)
Environmental & Regulatory
Temperature 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
Humidity 20% to 85% RH, non-condensing
Certification FCC, CE, C-Tick
Warranty 5 years limited warranty

Downloads & Documentation


Quick Reference Guide
Modules Quick Reference Guide includes details for all of our modules, such as pinout diagrams and general connectivity details.

Product Spec Sheet
Single page specification sheet.

Application Diagrams

Residential Application Diagram - Whole House
Residential - Whole House
Typical whole home automation diagram

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Commercial Application Diagram - Boardroom
Commercial - Board Room
Typical board room automation diagram.

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