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Password Protection Example

Customers often ask for a way to password protect their system so that if the iPhone is lost, no one can walk up to their house and use it.
Of course the chances of this happening are slim to none, but none-the-less, here is a way to do it that will work with ANY system.

Demo Project

Another Approach

Note: You must enter your registration code into the GUI when open in guiDesigner otherwise page flips will not work.

How It Works

There is 5 identical pages, each with a numeric keypad. You simply setup the correct PIN sequence to eventually page flip to the last page, where the OK button then page flips to the welcome page.
So for this demo, we used a PIN of 1234 OK:

  • Login page 1, numeric key 1 page flips to Login page 2
  • Login page 2, numeric key 2 page flips to Login page 3
  • Login page 3, numeric key 3 page flips to Login page 4
  • Login page 4, numeric key 4 page flips to Login page OK
  • Login page OK, numeric key OK page flips to welcome page.

All other numeric keys page flip back to login page 1.

This way the user must enter the sequence 1234OK before being let into the welcome page.


Other than the above method of logging in, which requires a static PIN, you could also use an Input Field to force the user to enter a password, which is then sent back to the system.
The system must then respond with a certain message, which could be parsed using feedback parsing and finally do a page flip if the correct reply comes in.
This method obviously requires the system can handle such a message and reply scheme.

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