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Getting Started With CommandFusion

This page is list of pages to visit to learn about CommandFusion and our hardware and software solutions.


CommandFusion create automation and control hardware and software.

  1. To learn about who CommandFusion are and what we do visit the About Us Page.
  2. To view typical applications for CommandFusion hardware and software see our Typical Applications Wiki Page.


The CommandFusion iViewer & guiDesigner software allows you to create powerful GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch or Android devices. This essentially allows you to use your mobile device to control almost anything.

  1. To learn about getting started with iViewer and guiDesigner see the Quick Start Guide.
  2. To learn the basics of guiDesigner, see the guiDesigner Basics Wiki Page.
  3. To learn how licensing works with guiDesigner and iViewer, see our Licensing Wiki Page.
  4. To learn how to purchase iViewer licenses, see our Purchasing iViewer Licenses Wiki Page.
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