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LaunchPad Projects are a set of GUI files that you can assign a token and PIN code to load onto your device.


The project token is used to uniquely identify the project. The token must be entered by users when they first launch the project on their mobile device, in conjunction with a valid PIN code.


A project user is a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android phone. Each mobile device is a unique user for a project.

The first time a user launches a project, the details of the mobile device will be recorded and added to the project.
If the project is setup to automatically allocate users to the project, then a user credit will be used to allocate the user to the project, allowing the project to be launched on the mobile device.
Otherwise, the user details will show up in the project allowing the project administrator to allocate the device manually.

When manually allocating a user, the user must then enter the project token and PIN code again to launch the project.

PIN codes

Each project can have multiple PIN codes, so you can grant and revoke access to individual mobile devices based on which PIN code is used to load the project onto the device.

When launching a project, the PIN code used is remembered. So when that PIN code is later deleted or deactivated, the user will no longer be able to use the project on their mobile device.

PIN codes can be configured active only after a certain date, or only until a certain date, or between two dates - perfect for short term project access - such as rental properties, apartments, etc.

You can also add notes to each PIN code to help you remember what the PIN code is for if needed.

Project Files

These are the guiDesigner project archives that will be launched by users. A project archive can contain one guiDesigner project or multiple projects.

Multiple project files can be added to a project. When a project is launched, the active project file will be used.

If a phone (iPhone or android phone) launches the project, then the “active phone file” will be used.
If a tablet (iPad or android tablet) launches the project, then the “active tablet file” will be used.

When uploading a project file, the version number will be automatically created if the filename contains a version string such as “v1.0”. Otherwise, the version will be determined by incrementing a previous version number or simply starting at version 1.

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