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DIN-RY Config Tool

This is a software tool designed specifically for the DIN-RYx-N relay controller series. Among the features of this tool are automatic device discovery, device status, firmware update, general device settings, relay interlocks, setting different dry contact modes, macros/rules, user variables, serial port configuration and USB connection security.

Connection Settings

There are 3 methods of connection available to the hardware - network(TCP Client), serial and USB. Click the “Connection Settings” option on the top-right corner of the window. Choose your method of connection and input the relevant connection details i.e. IP Address or Baud Rate Settings. Once connected, you will see the green colour connected status led.

There is also an optional Address Book for you to save all your commonly used connection details for quick recall and reconnection.


This area basically shows you all the general information and port status of the relay, load and dry contact on the device. It also shows available memory for macros, rules and user variables. Test buttons are also available here for testing the individual relay channels.

General Settings

You can change the device ID by selecting the available ID from the drop-down selection and then clicking the Assign ID button. When changes happens on the device such as relay actions, AC Load and dry contact status - you can specify the mode for the feedback that comes back.

There are 2 feedback modes available - basic and verbose. Basic mode will only send details on the individual ports that are changed whereas verbose mode will send details on all ports every time a change to the ports are detected.

Relay Groups

This special feature gives you the option to interlock a group of minimum 2 relays channels so that only one relay can be active at a time. This is especially useful for applications like screen control where you do not want to accidentally activate different directional motors at the same time.

Dry Contact

This allows the dry contact mode to be set to 3 different feedback status modes where advanced event triggering can be done.

  • Basic Mode - Status are reported immediately the moment the dry contact opens or closes.
  • Timer Mode - Initial first change is reported immediately but subsequent changes are reported after a specified time. This timer can be configured.
  • Advanced Mode - Status are reported after configured timing and physical push button actions such as single-press, double-press or press-and-hold events.

Automation Macros

Macros consists of multiple actions with adjustable delay timers and conditional checking options. They can be triggered either via rules or direct command. Option to backup and to restore macros are available as well.

Automation Rules

Rules will trigger macros based on feedback and status of feedback or events happening to the device. Option to backup and to restore rules are available as well.

User Variables

User variables to store values as tokens or preset values that are to be recalled on startup or runtime.

Serial Ports

This window consists of options to set the serial ports to different modes (BUS Control Mode, Third-Party RS232/Full/Half Duplex, CFLink) and to adjust the settings of the baud rates as well.

  • BUS Control Mode - this mode is for looping multiple units of DIN-RYx together via daisy-chain method.
  • Third-Party RS232/Full/Half Duplex - these modes are configured for external control of third-party devices.
  • CFLink (only for RS485-In port) - this mode is for linking up the DIN-RYx hardware series together with the Pro-Range Series hardware using CFLink BUS and wiring connection.

USB Login

A security feature to prevent unauthorized users to plug-in to the USB port and establishing a connection to modify or change any settings.

Logging Window

Displays all the decent activity and event logs of the device. Can copy out the selected line of log and also option to test by sending out custom commands.

Firmware Update

Updating the firmware of the device either through the online or manual method.

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