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CommandFusion Wiki

Welcome to the new CommandFusion Wiki. We are in the process of updating and collating all documentation into this one location so some information may be missing. If you require additional information see the old documentation below, or contact us via:

This wiki serves as a centralised location for all CommandFusion documentation.

To find what you're after:

  1. Browse the navigation tree to the left of this page
  2. Search (top right)
  3. View all content in the sitemap

We are currently looking for CommandFusion users who are knowledgable in our product to help maintain and update the Wiki. If you are interested please see this link:

CommandFusion Software

CommandFusion iViewer and guiDesigner software allows you to create a graphical user interface (GUI) and upload it to your mobile device to control almost anything!

CommandFusion System Commander allows you to configure your CommandFusion hardware.

For more details on our software, see the CommandFusion Software page.

CommandFusion Hardware

For more details on our automation and control hardware, see the CommandFusion Hardware page.

Knowledge Base

The CommandFusion knowledge base is available here.

Old Documentation

If the documentation you need is not in this Wiki, check the old documentation:


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