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A token is basically a variable that you can store data in or retrieve data from at runtime in your guiDesigner projects. A token is given a name and a value.

Token Naming

Suggested Syntax: [name]

A token can be named anything you like, but we suggest you follow the syntax above, including the square brackets in your token names. By doing this, it makes it easier to see where your token is actually being used within command values, etc.

Types of Tokens

There are three types of tokens:

  1. Global Tokens
  2. Predefined Tokens
  3. Object Tokens

Global Tokens

As the name suggests, a global token is available to be used globally throughout your guiDesigner project.
Global tokens are defined in Project Properties > Global Token Manager.
A global token is the only type of token that can be set to persist its data across launches of iViewer, so you can store state data and retrieve it again the next time iViewer is opened.

Predefined Tokens

There are a number of tokens that are predefined for you in certain cases, depending where the token is being used.

Using Tokens

Tokens can be used throughout your guiDesigner project in a number of ways:

  • Via our JavaScript API
  • Within command values
  • In feedback processing
  • Within math expressions
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