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Input Field

Input Fields are GUI Objects which allow for text input from the user. When the user clicks on an Input Field, the onscreen keyboard (OSK) will popup to allow text input on touch screen devices.

To implement an input field in guiDesigner:

  1. Select the input field tool icon on the tool bar.
  2. Then draw a box roughly the size of the input field you wish to use. This size can be edited later on.
  3. You will then need to add a theme to the input field. To do this, select an input field theme from the Theme Library and drag it onto the input field you just added.

You can also drag an input field theme directly from the Theme Manager or Theme Library onto an empty spot on an open page, and the input field will be automatically created at the drop point and assigned the theme you dragged.

Input Field Properties

To access the input field propertiess, right click on the input field and choose Input Properties.

1 - Text

2 - Serial Join

3 - Theme

4 - Digital Join

5 - Format

6 - Mask Text & Auto Focus

7 - On Change Actions

8 - Send Value Actions

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