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Unique Use of iViewer - Make A Video Promotion

We are looking for the most unique uses of iViewer that our customers have implemented.

Enter a video (3 minutes max) showing an exciting and unique use of CommandFusion iViewer. Think outside the box - we are especially interested in seeing where iViewer has been utilised outside of the usual applications, but traditional control system uses are also eligible.

Select entries will be displayed in this page, and our social media pages.
As long as you provide the relevant information when entering, you will always be given credit when we make use of your video.


Winner: 1 x Mini Starter Pack valued at $985.00 AUD
Runner-Up: 2 x iViewer Licenses


Judging will be by CommandFusion staff.


Entries are open right now!

Enter via this form.

Competition Closing Date

The competition will be closing on October 31 2012.

Winners will be announced in November.

Winners and select entries will be posted on our social media sites:

How To Enter

  1. Create a video - 3 minutes max showing off your unique iViewer use
  2. Upload the video to Youtube
  3. Fill out this entry form:
  4. Watch for your video on this page and on our social media pages

Important Information

  • Video length limit: 3 minutes max
  • Video must be uploaded to Youtube to be considered - HD uploads preferred.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that any use of video, imagery or music meets copyright and fair-use laws. Any entries that do not meet this standard will not be considered eligible.
  • We hold final judgment on whether submissions will be acceptable and appropriate for this contest.
  • By submitting a video to the contest, you grant CommandFusion a royalty-free, irrevocable right to reproduce, publish distribute, perform, display, create derivative works of the submission, or otherwise use the work for commercial purposes, and authorize others to do so.
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