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CommandFusion develops a range of hardware products for the automation and control market.

See our typical applications page for information on how CommandFusion products can be implemented.

Getting Started

See this guide in our wiki for details on getting started with your new CommandFusion hardware.

Product Documentation


The DIN-MOD4 features 4 modular bays for populating with our hardware modules. DIN rail mountable.


The MOD4 features 4 modular bays for populating with our hardware modules. Rack mountable with the optional rackit.

CF Mini

The CF Mini is a multifunctional miniature controller.

LAN Bridge

The LAN Bridge is an Ethernet and RS232 interface to the CFLink bus

IR Blaster

The IR Blaster features an on-board 270° IR blaster output, as well as a secondary wired emitter output. The IR Blaster also has an on-board and external IR Receiver input for triggering macros via standard remote control functions.


The SW16 features 16 dry contact inputs, 16 dimmable LED outputs for status indication and 4 dimmable backlight outputs. Connect the SW16 up to a custom or off the shelf keypad to interface it with the CFLink bus.

IR Learner

The IR Learner is a compact USB device for learning IR codes and testing them via the on-board IR blaster output. It can also be used to test codes from our IR database.

Firmware Updates

Follow the firmware update guide for details on updating your hardware to the latest firmware versions.


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