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The MOD-COM4 is a modular unit capable of up to 4 x RS232 ports, also configurable for RS422 and RS485.


Front of the module has two 6-pin connectors, the top row and bottom row.
Each row can be configured as either:

  • 2 x RS232 without flow control
  • 1 x RS232 with flow control
  • 1 x RS485 half-duplex
  • 1 x RS485/422 full-duplex

Note that when using any RS232 mode in combination with RS485 or RS422 (any duplex type), the RS232 must be on ports 3 and/or 4 (bottom row).
RS232 can never be in ports 1 or 2 (top row) when using alongside RS485 or RS422 (bottom row).

For more details on the MOD-COM4 port configuration options, please see the MOD-COM4 CFLink documentation.

Front Pinouts

Pinouts for the various modes each connector can be configured to are as follows:

2 x RS232 without flow control

  1. TX-1
  2. Ground
  3. RX-1
  4. TX-2
  5. Ground
  6. RX-2

1 x RS232 with flow control

  1. TX
  2. Ground
  3. RX
  4. RTS
  5. Ground
  6. CTS

1 x RS485 half-duplex

  1. Data +
  2. Ground
  3. Not Connected
  4. Data -
  5. Ground
  6. Not Connected

1 x RS485/422 full-duplex

  1. TX +
  2. Ground
  3. RX +
  4. TX -
  5. Ground
  6. RX -

Rear Connector

The rear of every module contains a module port, used to connect the module into the modular controller base unit (DIN-MOD4, etc).
The pinout for this port is not published (as it has no benefit to any user).

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