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Common Device Protocol

The following CFLink protocol messages are common to all CFLink devices.


WHO - Device discovery

The WHO query is used to discover what device is at a specific address. The reply is different depending what device is discovered.
Details on the exact replies can be found in the documentation for each specific device if it differs from below (extra parameters are replied by some devices such as modular base units and Ethernet devices).

The WHO reply will be automatically broadcast to the CFLink network when a device is powered up or reset. It will also be sent to any notification targets configured via the TGT command.


The WHO query does not have any associated data.


The specific data that is replied is unique to each device. See the documentation for each devices specific for more details.
If no device is at a particular ID, there will be no reply.

At a minimum, the device will reply with its product code, serial number, application version and CFLink version.

// Request the details for the device at CFLink ID [03]
> [F2][03][F3]QCFXWHO[F4][F5][F5]
// The Reply if the unit was a LANBridge would be as follows
< [F2][03][F3]RLANWHO[F4]LANBridge:[F5][F5]

TGT - Query Notification Targets

The TGT (Target) query is used to return a the notification target configuration.


The TGT query does not have any associated data. Instead, the <DEVICE> name used as part of the query determines which notifications to return the configuration for.



< [F2]<ID>[F3]R<DEVICE>TGT[F4]<ID1>:<ID2>:<ID3>:<ID4>:<ID5>[F5][F5]
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