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Bootloader Mode

All CF hardware runs a bootloader which is responsible for validating and starting the firmware running.

The hardware can be forced into bootloader mode to ignore the current firmware and await new firmware to be loaded.

Entering Bootloader Mode

  1. Remove all devices from the CFLink bus other than the device being targeted. LAN Bridge is the exception here as you may need to use it to communicate with your CFLink device.
  2. In System Commander, make sure to be using UDP communication mode.
  3. In System Commander “Test Commands” window (bottom left), enter the following:
    1. IP Address: IP Address of the LAN Bridge or if you only have one LAN Bridge on your network.
    2. CFLink ID: The unique CFLink ID of the device you want to enter bootloader mode
    3. Command: PREP
    4. Data: leave this empty
  4. Now reset the device you are targeting bootloader for, and quickly and repeatedly click the 'SEND' button in the System Commander “Test Commands” window.

This will eventually force the device to begin deleting it's current firmware, as signified by the red 'ERROR' LED flashing rapidly. The device will then reboot into bootloader mode, and the power LED should remain flashing.

The device is now ready to accept new firmware. Follow the firmware guides to achieve this.

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