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USA CommandFusion Distributor Appointed

Posted By Aaron Green - 26 Sep, 2014

Bass Products Logo

We are very happy to announce that Bass Products have been announced as the first Distributor of CommandFusion hardware in the USA.

Bass Products traditionally cover the marine industry, but plan to market the CommandFusion range to the custom integration and home automation industries.

CommandFusion director Jarrod Bell believes that the appointment of their first distributor in the USA is a huge step for the company. He says it will make CommandFusion products much more accessible to their large American customer base, as well as providing tech support during local business hours.

CommandFusion Hardware

A selection of CommandFusion Hardware

As a systems integrator and distributor, we are always looking for the right components that tie the entire design together, while encompassing the very best in technology and functionality for our customers. In CommandFusion we found both.Tony Sposato, General Manager at Bass Products.

About Bass Products

Bass Products, a division of Plainville Electrical Products Company, has led the marine industry in electrical system design and power management with an emphasis on systems monitoring and control for over 45 years.

As a distributor for AMX, E-Plex and ETA’s Power Plex, they specialize in the design and integration of customized control and monitoring solutions for the yacht and specialty vehicle markets.

Available Now

CommandFusion Automation Hardware is available in the USA from Bass Products:

Bass Products
435 Lake Avenue
Bristol, CT
E-mail: sales (at) bassproducts dot com


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