IR Blaster

The CommandFusion IR Blaster is a multi-function IR device, capable of both sending and receiving IR signals.
Using the IR receivers (on-board or via an external receiver input) you can trigger rules within the CFLink network, essentially using macros to control anything within the CFLink network.

Information Panel

The information panel can be found on the top of the IR Blaster.


  • Power (Blue)
    • Off = Power off
    • Flashing = Booting or firmware missing
    • Solid = Power on and ready
  • CFLink Fault (Red)
    • Solid = Fault discovered on CFLink bus. Remain solid until reset.
    • Reset unit to clear CFLink fault flag and turn off LED.
  • CFLink Activity (Amber)
    • Flashing = CFLink activity is detected on the CFLink network.
  • Blast (Amber)
    • Flashing = IR Signal being emitted via the on board IR blaster output.
  • Out 2 (Amber)
    • Flashing = IR Signal being emitted via the external IR emitter connector.
  • Recv
    • Flashing = IR Signal being received via either the on-board receiver or the external receiver connector.

Pinhole Buttons

  • Setup
    • Only used for Factory Reset.
  • Reset


On-Board IR Blaster Output

The front and sides of the IR Blaster contain high power IR emitters, capable of flooding a room with IR.

On-Board IR Receiver Input

The front of the IR Blaster contains an IR receiver.


An IR emitter can be plugged in via the first 3.5mm mono jack, allowing a second channel of directional IR output.


  1. Data +
  2. Data -

IN 2

An external IR Receiver can be plugged in via the second 3.5mm mono jack.


  1. Data +
  2. Data -

The 5-pin CFLink connector is used to communicate with other CFLink devices on the network.


  1. Isolated Ground
  2. Data +
  3. Data -
  4. Power (12-24V DC)
  5. Ground


The MicroSD slot is used to expand the on-board memory via MicroSD cards.