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iViewer 5 Release

Posted By Jarrod Bell - 11 Sep, 2019

Announcing the release of iViewer 5.

We are releasing a new licensing platform shortly to make managing iViewer licenses easier than ever, and to prepare for this we have pushed the latest round of iViewer changes as a new app to the Apple and Android app stores.

Why did we release iViewer 5 as a new separate app?

Releasing as a new app means that existing projects will not be affected by licensing changes, allowing us to make licensing easier in the future, without causing problems for live installs.

What happens to iViewer 4?

iViewer 4 will remain on the app store, and can still be used as before. But we recommend everyone start looking at using iViewer 5 to allow your projects to be used in our upcoming online project deployment and monitoring platform.

What's new in iViewer 5?

iViewer 5 remains backwards compatible with all iViewer 4 features, ready for the new licensing platform. See the Release Notes for iOS and Release Notes for Android pages in our wiki for more details.

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