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Custom Code Crafters Release New "Bobbl" iViewer Template For iPhone

Posted By Aaron Green - 22 Sep, 2016

The talented people over at Custom Code Crafters have done it again, they have released yet another smart home GUI design that really shows off what CommandFusion iViewer can do.

Their latest template is called 'Bobbl' and it is designed for the iPhone.

Bobbl showcases some great transitional effects and animations between the different menus available and when you change menus and pages, the previous screen blurs to really give a sense of depth.

It features a 5 button menu system that stays at the bottom of the screen all the time for easy navigation.

As we have come to expect from C3, the template comes complete with a large selection of pre-designed subpages that make it even easier to get your GUI up and running. Other notable inclusions are a number of icons, button pallets and color options.

Bobbl is available from the Custom Code Crafters Website

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