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 ====== Viewing and Printing Invoices ====== ====== Viewing and Printing Invoices ======
 +This guide shows how to access your invoices on the CommandFusion Store.\\
 +<WRAP center round important 60%>
 +Note that the store design has changed, but the process is still the same. Just the links will be in different locations.
 +Go to [[http://​​login.php|]] and **log in**. Then click on ''​My Store Account''​
 +Then click on one of the ''​Completed Orders''​ links.
 +Your completed orders will be shown here. Click on ''​View Order Details''​ for the order you wish to view the invoice for.
 +Click on ''​Print Invoice''​.
 +The invoice will now open to use as you wish.
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