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 ====== IR Learner ====== ====== IR Learner ======
 +The IR Learner is a compact USB device for learning IR codes and testing them via the on-board IR blaster output. It can also be used to test codes from our IR database.
 +===== Quick Reference Guide =====
 +The IR Learner Quick Reference Guide provides the basic information required to get started on a printable, black and white document that can be easily taken with you to a job site. [[http://​​hardware/​irlearner#​downloads|Find the IR Learner Quick Reference Guide here.]]
 +===== CFLink Protocol =====
 +For details on the CFLink protocol supported by the IR Learner, see the [[hardware:​cflink:​ir-learner|IR Learner CFLink Protocol page]].
 +===== Software =====
 +The CommandFusion USB IRlearner requires the Windows IR Learner Software to be installed.\\
 +[[http://​​irlearner.html#​downloads|Download the CommandFusion IR Learner Software here.]]
 ===== IR Learner Quick Start Guide ===== ===== IR Learner Quick Start Guide =====
- +The IR Learner Quick Start Guide is available [[hardware:​quick-start:​ir-learner|here.]]
- +
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